Information Technology

We are also capable of providing high quality Information Technology Systems. Below are two projects that we have worked on:

Career Resources Information System (CRIS)

For this project, we created a website based database, funded by the US Department of Education School to Work Program, for resumes that can be updated on the internet as required. This system allows job seekers to find work by entering their resume in the database. Employers then can search the database for potential employees and post job opportunities. The system included a workstation at the local careers office.

Shipping Management System

This system was created for the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, as a replacement for the manual booking and rates schedule. This system calculates the final cost of shipping based on freight and schedule details. It can also automatically generate receipts, bills of laiding (shipping documents), and management reports including information on total goods shipped, weight, distance, and calculating revenue. It was created using a user friendly interface in order to make the system accessible to all.

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