Product List

We provide a huge range of solar power and electrical products. Take a look at the list below or contact us with any inquiries that you have. We provide many items beyond the packages listed below including individual components and spare parts.


  • Household-scale Photovoltaic systems
  • DC refrigerator systems
  • Community-scale Photovoltaic systems
  • Solar powered radio and LED light package
  • Solar Street Lighting Packages
  • Deep Cycle Battery Systems
  • Solar Powered Water Pump Packages


  • Mono-crystalline Solar Cells DC Inverters
  • Controllers (Current/Voltage)
  • DC Refrigeration/Freezer
  • LED Lights
  • 12/24V DC CF Lights
  • Solar Navigation Lights
  • Solar Module Mounts
  • Testing equipment
  • Water pumps


We also specialize in consulting work, providing services such as design and installation, project development, education and training, research, site survey and assessment and local representation.


Outback Power