Water Resources USFEMA

Because the rainfall in the Marshall Islands is intermittent and varying, ground water can be the only source of drinking water for many people over large parts of the year. This was especially true after the El-Nino drought in  1997-98. For this project, we surveyed water quality in multiple places around 20 islands, with the help of the local people.

The research was conducted in association with the Ministry of Resources and Development as part of the US FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

A selection of photos from our Water Resources Survey

A selection of photos from our Water Resources Survey

We surveyed wells and water tanks, evaluating the quality of water. In some cases the salt content was found to be very high.

We also drilled test wells, conducted an elevation and geo-resistivity survey, carried out  a groundwater lens study, and provided water management planning, including future demand calculations and cost estimates.

In the final report a water resources evaluation and proposed water development plan was created, which  including proposals for new water tanks and  ground water sources.

The project was completed in a timely manner and within the given budget.

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