Health Clinics

Throughout the Marshall Islands there are a number of small medical dispensaries and hospitals. In these remote and humid locations it is essential to keep medicine at a constant temperature. We won a competitive bid against Tenesol to provide solar powered Sundanzer freezer units to many outer island health facilities.

MARSH Solar Panels

MARSH Solar Panels

These 400 watt systems used Phasesun gmbH monocrystalline panels, adjustable aluminum racks, 5 compact fluorescent lights, and provided power for a Shurflo water pump and a SSB radio. A total of 25 units were installed including on Arno and Mili Atolls. Training for system installation, operation, and maintenance was provided.

A similar solar PV system was installed by Seacology in Ailuk Atoll, and Island Eco provided the circuit diagram and components for this 800 watt system.

Outback Power