Utork and Namdrik Atolls History

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Namdrik Atoll and Utrok Atoll in the Marshall Islands, in the central-north Pacific Ocean, are two locations where this project will… start lapping on their shores. Namdrik…is the Alele.   How about a genuine explanation of this term? Namdrik was the first atoll in the Marshall Islands to actually experience an individual household based solar power system at most of its existing houses- in 1993 or so.   Terry Parker and I described the Govt. of France sponsored project in a paper submitted to and published  by the IIEC in Compendium: Asian Energy Efficiency Success Stories by Peter Rumsey, IIEC-Asia and Ted Flanigan, The Results Center (September 1995) http://www.iiec.org This project was then ”refurbished” about 6 years later through another Govt of France sponsored project operating through a regional agency. The current facilities are described at : http://www.mecrmi.net/Namdrik.htm The most recent review of the Namdrik atoll RE  facilities etc was…http://www.mpwr.co.nz Utrok is one …

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