Parts of the USDA project

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There is a lot of pilot work likely to be seen in this project. The EU funds and ROC and Govt France and PREFACE and …are working with the national govt. in an organized manner following the consultants review and analysis of 6-8 years ago about what works- about a national organization-utility company- handling everything related to outer island solar electrification.   It focuses on providing lighting through PV power to the outer island households, atoll by atoll.  This is moving along at its pace and by its  standards and priorities and successes and constraints. So we looked at the other important need that outer island people always expressed to us in the rural retail store: food storage-refrigeration. This project will work on solar powered household DC freezers for outer island houses. In the outer islands in the households that will host the freezers women will be involved in the installation.  They will be familiarized with …

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